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About the Creative Europe Programme

Running from 2014 to 2020, Creative Europe is the European Union's funding support programme for the creative and cultural sectors, a combination of the previous MEDIA, MEDIA Mundus and CULTURA programmes.

1. Objectives of the Creative Europe Programme:

Main Objectives
  • To safeguard and promote cultural and linguistic diversity in Europe.
  • To increase competitiveness of the creative and cultural sectors for smart, sustainable and inclusive economic growth. 
Specific Objectives
  • To support the capacity of Europe's cultural and creative sectors to operate globally;
  • To facilitate the cross-border circulation of cultural and creative projects and artists' mobility;
  • Create new audiences both inside and outside of Europe;
  • To strengthen the financial capacity of the creative and cultural sectors;
  • To support transnational co-operation to promote development policies, innovation, establish new audiences and implement new business models;
  • To support activities to help provide agents with the necessary skills and know-how to strengthen the sectors.

2. Creative Europe is comprised of two funding sub-programmes:

Each of the sub-programmes comprises several lines of funding, with the focus on different types of projects and specific criteria for eligibility and evaluation.

3.  Creative Europe integrates a Cross-sectoral Strand:

In addition to the MEDIA and CULTURE sub-programmes, Creative Europe integrates a Cross-sectoral Strand.  As specified in the Regulations, the Cross-sectoral Strand aims to establish a transnational exchange of experiences and know-how in relation to new business and management models, as well as peer-learning activities. It also supports networking among cultural and creative organisations and policy-makers concerning the development of the cultural and creative sectors, creating a digital network where appropriate. It also seeks to facilitate funding for SMEs and organisations operating in the cultural and creative sectors.

As part of the objective of facilitating funding for SMEs and organisations operating in the cultural and creative sectors, which falls under the Creative Europe programme 2014-2020 (cross-sectoral strand), the European Commission (in co-operation with the European Investment Fund) launched the Financial Guarantee Facility for the cultural and creative sectors which encourages financial institutions to create a unique portfolio of loans to SMEs operating in these sectors. In Portugal, the bank Caixa Geral de Depósitos joined the Financial Guarantee Facility and launched the Caixa Invest Cultura Criativa, product for SMEs and organisations in the cultural and creative sectors.

4. The programme supports other European initiatives, such as:

5. The financial framework for the implementation of the Programme is 1,462.7 million euros:

  • 56 % for the MEDIA sub-programme;
  • 31 % for the Culture sub-programme;
  • 13 % for the cross-sectoral strand;

6. Legal Policy

Click here to access the Programme's legal policy (Please note that the documents with all the necessary information for submitting an application are the Guidelines for all the respective lines of financing).

7. Programme Management

The European Commission is responsible for the implementation of the programme and for all decisions relating to the allocation of funds. The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) is the entity responsible for the management of the two sub-programmes sub-programmes (MEDIA and Culture) on behalf of and under the guidance and control of the European Commission.