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Nesta página divulgamos a informação sobre procura de parceiros que recebemos dos nossos colegas dos Creative Europe Desks.

Como funciona:

No que diz respeito à pesquisa de parceiros uma das possibilidades é a divulgação da informação sobre o projecto via os Creative Europe Desks. O Desk disponibiliza à entidade interessada um "template" que deve ser preenchido em inglês. O documento é então remetido pelo Desk para todos colegas europeus e será posteriormente reenviado por estes para as respectivas mailing lists.

Caso pretenda a divulgação do seu projecto pelos Creative Europe Desks europeus (para pesquisa de parceiros), por favor, contacte-nos através do endereço : sara.machado@europacriativa.eu


Projectos de Cooperação Europeia 2021


 Tipologia do projecto/ Descrição

 Entidade País Descrição do projecto e contactos Área artística/cultural Data de divulgação de informação

We seek for partners to embrace and work on our project on global water crisis. Through puppet theatre, shadow puppet theatre and hopefully an illustrated book with all the real "water stories" we have gathered during our survey , we hope to make it possible for this project to travel abroad and spread its message along the other countries of the Balkan region and not only.

Marmita puppet theater Grécia Documento PDF

enviromental education through art


Cultural Center for the Children and the Art aims to develop an innovative project for enhancing cultural learning through a nonformal educational methodology based on Digital Game Based Learning (GBL) and AI.
We are looking for other European Creative Technologies
Organizations specialized in Game Based Learning (GBL), and AI
focusing in children and young adults.
We are also looking for Academic Institutions and Cultural heritage Organizations engaged in educational programmes based on the History of Arts."

Cultural Center for the Children and the Art  Grécia  Documento PDF

Nonformal education;
Digital Game Based Learning (GBL) and AI.  

"Our aim is the promotion of cultural and museum education through a variety of activities (such as educational programs, walking tours, hands-on exhibitions, festivals, etc). Our vision is to create a cultural center for every child in Crete and ensure that children will always have a place to grow up, play and explore. Looking for partners willing to engage with expertise at museum/cultural education, hands-on/interactive activities/exhibitions, children’s museums. Cultural and Museum Education Hellenic Center – Exploration Children’s Museum Grécia Documento PDF Cultural and museum education 12.11.2020
Gödöllő Symphonic Orchestra Foundation is engaged with severall activities namely festival concerts, youth and children concerts, programs for underrepresented groups, workshop, international courses, co-productions, conferences, audience building, international mobility, connection to the co-arts several chamber music formations within the symphony orchestra: string chamber orchestra, brass quintet, string quartet, piano trio, etc.
They are interested as a partner in any project related to the activities of the orchestra.
Gödöllő Symphonic Orchestra Foundation Hungria Documento PDF

Chamber music; 
youth and children concerts

"Festivals are an expressive way to celebrate glorious heritage, culture and traditions. The industrial heritage should be seen as an integral part of the cultural heritage. Every effort should be made to ensure the consultation and participation of local communities in the protection, conservation and reuse of their local industrial heritage in an authentic and cost-effective way." Municipality of Keratsini - Drapetsona Grécia Documento PDF Industrial Heritage 12.11.2020
KYKLOS is a nonprofit organization based in Athens, whose purpose is to promote actions relating to cinema and public awareness of environmental issues. It runs International Short Film Festival Psarokokalo is an annual short film festival which takes place ever year in Athens Greece since 2007. The festival aims to provide a showcase for the work of new filmmakers from around the world and to promote the diversity and richness of the short film. KYKLOS ngo Grécia Documento PDF Cinema and public awareness of environmental issues 12.11.2020

Krakowskie Forum Kultury, Krakow Forum of Culture, is a municipal institution with the mission to organize cultural events and popularize culture among the inhabitants of the city of Krakow – Polish and non-Polish speakers. We are looking for partners to establish constant cooperation in the field of culture. We would like to  work together and realize various projects like Creative Europe and others but also exchange of experiences.

Krakowskie Forum Kultury (Krakow Forum of Culture) Polónia Documento PDF Cultural events in general



Šibenik Wind Symphony Orchestra is interested in projects that include exhibitions, cultural events, concerts, guiding school for young people, educational work, exchange of best practices.
We are also interested in project programs which are include in: Cultural dialogue between different musical traditions
present in Europe; Brass band music in support of cross-border festival tourism;

Šibenik Wind Symphony Orchestra Croácia Documento PDF

Cultural heritage


1. A informação disponibilizada nos templates é da inteira responsabilidade das entidades que os assinam. Os Desks apenas servem de veículo de divulgação de informação. Os contactos deverão ser estabelecidos directamente entre as entidades interessadas.