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 Nesta página divulgamos a informação sobre procura de parceiros que recebemos dos nossos colegas dos Creative Europe Desks.

Como funciona:

No que diz respeito à pesquisa de parceiros uma das possibilidades é a divulgação da informação sobre o projecto via os Creative Europe Desks. O Desk disponibiliza à entidade interessada um "template" que deve ser preenchido em inglês. O documento é então remetido pelo Desk para todos colegas europeus e será posteriormente reenviado por estes para as respectivas mailing lists.1

Caso pretenda a divulgação do seu projecto pelos Creative Europe Desks europeus (para pesquisa de parceiros), por favor, contacte-nos através do endereço : susana.costapereira@europacriativa.eu

Eis a informação que recebemos dos nossos colegas europeus até ao momento :

Projectos de Cooperação Europeia - Call 2018


Tipologia do projecto / Descrição Entidade País Descrição do projecto e contactos Pequena/grande escala Data de divulgação de informação

Contemporary dance, Audience Development Program
In cooperation with elementary and secondary schools, we intend to organize guided tours of Zagreb Dance Center, to do workshops, performances, talks about performances and talks with performers and authors, in order to make children acquainted with the art of dance and to do the presentations of occupations: dancer, choreographer, light designer and producer.
Our goals are: to raise awareness ...


Croácia Documento PDF

Não definido


Conservation and instrumental analysis of cultural heritage
The Department of Applied Research, DCAMM is searching for organisa-tions around Europe to collaborate and expand its network in field of Conser-vation of Cultural Heritage with special emphasis on instrumental analysis, the application of new materials and the effects of the environment on cultural heritage property...

Department of Applied Research, Directorate of Conservation of An-cient and Modern Monuments, Hellenic Ministry of Culture

Grécia Documento PDF

Não definido


Theatre, Performance, Interdisciplinary Arts, Outdoor Arts, Community Arts
The main goal of the project is to enable communities, to activate their
involvement in community activities, to increase the accessibility of
culture in the community environment. The priority is the continuity
of the project. Theater and social pedagogues should be involved in
the project, which will help coordinate activities in the community.

Kaunas City Chamber Theatre

Lituânia Documento PDF

Pequena escala


Media, on line magazine, cultural manifestations
-Work on images from and into an online magazine:
- images and science
- images and society
- image interpretation
- produce works in mixing art - science - society
Key words:
Flow, Events, Review: Thinking the image through
contemporary creation.

TK-21 - LaRevue

França Documento PDF

Pequena escala


Architecture, Design, data, Sociology, Ecology
The “house of architecture”, together with Kurbis are developing insights, with a focus on new professional practices around the notion of use to support construction stakeholders in the design of living spaces of tomorrow...

La Maison de l’architecture en Île-de-France
Le collectif Kurbis

França Documento PDF

Pequena escala


Support women artists/creators within music, dance and theatre (all
artistic professions: directors, conductors, actors, playwrights,
dancers, musicians, composers, set designers and choreographers)
and it is tailored to the career development needs of women artists.

Kultur i Väst

Suécia Documento PDF

Pequena escala


The aim of the project is to gradually invest in ways of getting more
diversity in children’s literature by engaging writers and illustrators
from different backgrounds that will appeal more and other readers. By
developing this project on a European level we want to expand the reach
of existing initiatives and bring together useful expertise. In the end we
want to engage all actors involved in the literary sector and
bookproduction & -distribution by means of a European Charter and
facilitate an endurable exchange of expertise.

ROSE Stories & Flanders Literature

Países Baixos Documento PDF

Não definido


Art, Culture, Heritage, Nature, Landscape
Description.The prediction of the global population growth states that in the future more and more people will live in cities. This urban growth causes a big pressure on open space, landscape and environment. (...) The project preserves multiple services and purposes:
1) Audience development/engagement
2) Regional identity
3) Recreation and promotion
4) Another perspective - Visitors can experience differently
5) Integrated approach - Nature meets culture
6) Sustainable project


Bélgica Documento PDF

Não definido


Classical music (performing and education)
PerArtem Institute is searching for organisations around Europe to build a long-term partnership in field of Culture with special emphasis on classical music.
PerArtem wants to participate in different project where classical music is main theme, in connection with other art forms.

Cultural and Artistic Institute PerArtem,

Eslovénia Documento PDF

Não definido


Performing Arts (Street Art, Visual Arts (video, photography)). The European Cultural Creative Project (E2CP) is designed to exploit
creative forms of Street Art as a tool that could help to increase the
distinctiveness, uniqueness and attractiveness of city parts.
Street art as a public art has an inherent storytelling ability that
communicates with citizens and visitors.


Grécia Documento PDF

Não definido

(refere especificamente interesse em parceiros portugueses)


Performing arts, theatre, education, audience development. Work with young audiences

Pozoriste lektira/ Thatre reading

República da Sérvia Documento PDF

Pequena Escala

(calls de 2017 e de 2018)


1. A informação disponibilizada nos templates é da inteira responsabilidade das entidades que os assinam. Os Desks apenas servem de veículo de divulgação de informação. Os contactos deverão ser estabelecidos directamente entre as entidades interessadas.


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